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Renew me renew you

Spring is always a time of renewal and new life, Spring cleaning is going on, baby animals are being born, the earth becomes green again. This is when I usually take time to reevaluate my choices over the past year. I decide what worked, what didn't, what can I change, and what can I improve on. Yes, I know sounds like like a New Years Resolution, but I just can't ever swing the newness then when everything is so cold and not refreshing. So, I always go for the Springtime. So...This year things that I know I need to do more of is connect with you! I need to blog more, reach out and network again! I did this so much when I first started my photography business, and now I just feel old and stale like winter. But I know I'm not old and stale. I have a beautiful reputation that represents classic beautiful images. My images tell stories of life and love. My work evokes emotions that are treasured forever! That's something to be proud of. That is something to be darn proud of!

Winter is hard. A hard hard lonely time for creatives who need sunshine and ever changing moments to thrive.

This year I took some time to make me happy, I learned how to love a man the way God wanted me to love a man. I'm learning always on how to be the wife God wants me to be. And I let my business fall to the the side lines. :( For this I am apologetic.

I didn't stay on top of my workload like I used to, I didn't go get the creative images I had always done before. I had decided that it was a me time. I needed that. I needed to make a family, and busy myself in important life choices. I needed to have a life not work so hard that I forgot to live. Which is what I have done those past 5 years as a single mother. I couldn't be happier that I took this me time. Some self love did me some good! It gave me more insight to be supportive to my mommies!

I have a goal to be one of the top birth and motherhood photographers in Indiana. The love and time I pour into my passion for birth and families needs to show again through my work. I need to reach all mothers. It is my desire to capture motherhood in all her glory. The good, the bad and the ever so beautiful ugly moments of motherhood.

I needed to create a space that was mine alone to connect with you. Mine to bring mothers in, and capture them dreaming about the growing child inside them. A space to hold your first born and know that you are doing everything perfectly! I needed an area that flowed well with my vision of how motherhood should be represented.

I needed an area that spoke to me, and made mothers feel comforted, and children knew they were safe with their momma. So I have dedicated a little area in my home office for you! This area is for you to come in and feel safe, secure and loved. A space where you can talk about your fears, your joys and share your motherhood journey with me. We all need our tribe!

motherhood moments

I'm still learning this motherhood thing, just as you are. I'm constantly evaluating my worth just like you do. I am always doubting myself, just like you do. But I know one thing, my child is madly in love with me, and I her.

I want you to see that for yourself, just like I do.

Come share your journey with me. Come get comfortable. Come see yourself the way mothers were meant to be seen. I am now offering motherhood sessions in my home studio which I created for you. I will continue to add elements of peace, hope, love and fertility as this little cozy nook grows.

Soon I'll branch outdoors and create an outdoor oasis for you to smother your babes in hugs and kisses while you relax and enjoy the most important time of your life. You deserve this time.

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