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What's a doula

A doula is a support person during your birth journey. What exactly a doula does depends on her specific training. There are birth doula's, postpartum doula's, and even bereavement doulas. A doula can help eliminate the want for an epidural, shorten your labor time, and decrease the need for a cesarean section by 30%

What Can I expect

First, we will get coffee and schedule a consultation followed then by your customized services contract. After that, Michelle will send you a questionnaire highlighting your desired birth plan and experience. Next up is the REAL DEAL. Michelle will be on call at 37 weeks and will arrive at the birth place camera in hand ready to capture the exciting arrival of your new baby. A second consultation will take place on how specifically Michelle can help in postpartum support where then you can count on her for additional resources and education when you get home. 

Have you ever missed a birth

Well...yes. Once on MY WEDDING DAY! A mother hired me almost 9 days overdue and we were both sure she would be going into labor soon. She was walking around 6cm and this wasn't her first child. That evening, the mother ended up going into labor the evening of my wedding rehearsal. When you book with me, you ALWAYS have access to my preferred birth doula/photographer and I have extremely high standards for the families I serve. 

What is the longest birth you have attended

A little over 60 some hours for a sweet single mother who had hired another doula and myself to help her through a rather tough induction. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it to stay with her and see her through to the end? Absolutely. Birth is so unpredictable. When you make an investment to have someone present in your birth space you are counting on them 100%. I would be doing a disservice to the families I serve if I just set a time cap on the amount of time I support them. 

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