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Today I'm choosing to give myself grace

My dear friend sent this to me after her session today. I think it's a good reminder to give ourselves grace because we are really super hero's disguised in our normal skin.

My daughter looked down my shirt last week and shouted "oh no what happened" still not exactly sure what she was concerned about but we all got a good laugh.

But in reality I say those same words to myself anytime I look in a mirror. I had a legit ugly breakdown when I was trying to find a shirt to go to the studio today to get my beautiful baby girls three month pictures taken, everything either felt dumpy or highlighted all my trouble spots. As I drove to the studio I got so mad at myself, in three years time I have grown and birthed two babies, I have breastfeed those babies for 901 straight days (and have tandem fed for the past 3 months with no sign of stopping).

So to answer my daughters question, a hell of a lot has happened! I'm proud of all the wonderful things my body has done and I need to remember that when I start critiquing the bumps and jiggles that steal my confidence. Today I'm choosing to give myself grace and celebrate all that has happened!

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