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I want to show you something real

A few weeks ago I took a long hard look at my work. Particularly my birth work. I was looking at the differences in the births that I have captured. Trying to pinpoint similarities, and differences in each birth. All births are different, this is true. Nobody births alike. You can't count on photos being the same. Or look like everybody else's. The only thing that stood out the same is that they all are women. Well duh, I said to myself. Then it occurred to me there was no diversity in the women that I document. Why am I not documenting all births? Why do I not have any cultural differences, all religious views, all races, relationships, ect. Why don't I see that rich diverse culture that we all live among. I should be seeing these women of diversity sharing their stories,sharing their love, and uniting all women. But I don't. Why? Because people who see my work and passion for birth don't relate. They simply do not see themselves in my birth stories. I think that's sad. I think it's very sad that I never noticed it before now. I want to work hard to change that. I believe all women should be able to have their birth story documented. All women are equal and I want to show that in my passion.

Please help me build my portfolio as I am rebranding at the beginning of the year. I want to include stories from all backgrounds, nationalities and so forth! So I am calling on the diverse women of our area. I want women of color, women of different ethnic groups, women who are older (older than 40), plus size women. Handicapped women. Women with brave medical stories. I want to document how amazing ALL women are.

I am calling on 5 different unique births with the due dates between November 15th through March 2019. I am offering a deep discount to book these births! If you are her, or you know her. Please come help share your amazing story! <3 Please come spread the love. Message me now if you are her!

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