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When you bring your baby home

Postpartum time is just as sacred as the time that you give birth. Your body, mind and soul are deserving of all the rest and adoration possible. When we slow down and validate our postpartum time we respect it differently.

Postpartum is different when your baby gets to come home. When the milk has a purpose. When every stretch mark and extra pound is validated by your newest baby bundle. Postpartum is respected when your baby gets to come home. When you look in the mirror and see love instead of loathing. When you see yourself as more than broken. Postpartum is sacred when your baby gets to come home. When your body no longer feels like a warzone. And you're reminded of the beauty that motherhood brings, not just the pain. When your baby gets to come home, postpartum brings healing.

Postpartum mother holding rainbow baby daughter

Postpartum mother in hospital after birth

Mother holding baby showing memorial necklace and tattoo


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