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Motherhood Understood

Gah.....this new space in my home studio. The cozy furniture, the warm heat I keep going, that amazing light and oh...them mommies with their babies. My heart adores you.

I am going crazy wanting EVERY momma to come in and spend some time with me!

I ran a promo for some motherhood sessions and I gotta tell you, my heart aches for a motherhood session with my almost 7 year old!

These intimate moments are between you and your child. I encourage giggling, tickling and simply exploring.

When is the last time you sat down with your baby and just looked at them and breathed them in? When did you let yourself last slow down so that you could find a new freckle?

Your child knows you best. They don't need to preform for you to know that they love you.

They just simply do!

The way they play with your hair, or snuggle you in close. Those giggles and growing toes.

I will capture those moments.

Make sure these moments are preserved for you and your children to treasure forever.

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