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While they are little | Fresh 48's

Boom.....They are here! NOW WHAT!!!!????? Yup that's pretty much how parenting goes for the first time! Our hopes and dreams are finally here! We have been planning, buying all the necessities. Taking all the classes. We are prepared!!! Insert DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN for effect ;)

Mother surprised at her daughter crying so loud.

Oh....for real...It's not that bad. I love this image! Baby lifted her head and just let out a whale of a cry! I happen to capture moms expression at the perfect moment!

But for real. Those first few days of being a new parent are a little fuzzy aren't they? I mean if your lucky you didn't labor too long, and had your baby at normal waking hours. But that generally isn't the case.

You try to take all the photos that you can while trying to remember to keep your eyelids open.

Or what about those sweet moments that we see our partner holding our child for the first time.

Father holding his daughter for fresh 48 photos

It's absolute pure joy. What happens later is that we notice that we have captured photos. But they are all of the baby or our partner. You didn't capture the details of that sweet little baby. The toes, hair the sweet little chin dimple. All those little bits that grow so rapid and change so quickly!

Baby umbilical cord clamp
Baby toes and hospital bracelets


That's where I come in. My love of photography and all things birthy will help you preserve those foggy memories. I'll see all those little skin wrinkles, and fuzzy backs. I'll point out their little ears and all the things I notice that are adorable and I'll make sure to capture them for you forever!

Baby ears
Sleeping baby in hospital bassinet


Fresh 48 sessions are becoming extremely popular these days along with birth photography. However some families just are not interested in birth photography. Having a fresh 48 session captured before you leave the hospital is one of the best ways to remember those first few days over and over.

Baby in hospital bassinet for photos

I'll capture your sweet baby in her hospital attire and another wrap or special blanket you have prepared for photos. I'll gather your flowers, gifts and special memories and display them for you to remember those as well.

Baby being photographed in hospital

You don't need to do anything special to prepare for your fresh 48 session. I will come in and open blinds to let natural light in. I prefer natural light over flash! (Just seems more natural) However depending on lighting situations, sometimes I do bounce some flash.

You are more than welcome to nurse baby and I will capture those moments. A diaper change is needed? No problem. I'm here to serve you. I'll wait on that diaper! You may even find some amazing photos in your gallery that show just how amazing you look caring for your sweet baby.

I'll guide and direct you on any posing. Don't know how to swaddle? I got you! Never put a headband on your baby? I can help! Dads just not sure how to hold on to your son? You are doing it perfectly! You may not want to put them down after you get comfortable holding that bundle of joy!

Baby arm rolls
Baby toes

Mother holding daughter for fresh 48 photos
Father holding daughter with mother for fresh 48 photos


Once your session is complete I will send a gallery via an email and you will have access to download digital copies of the images you wish to keep!

You will be able to share your gallery, print from your gallery and keep your digital images forever!

You will treasure these moments even more, when your sweet baby is older and comes to you with her special baby book full of image of her and plops in your lap and says tell me how I got here.

If you would like to know more about Fresh 48 sessions or to book yours please get ahold of me soon! Before your sweet babe arrives! We will have time to plan some special moments!

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