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Loving Benjamin Remembrance Photography

You may have seen the announcement on Facebook, or you may have not. So here I am coming to you to let you know about a new service that I know offer and will expanding very soon! Many of you know (If you follow my work) that I used to volunteer with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. (NILMDTS) Which is a wonderful service providing remembrance photography to families suffering from later term miscarriage, still born, and infant death. After several years of donating my time, I felt that I needed to do more for families. So I started offering services under my own business name. This did give my heart a break to be able to grieve for the families I served. However, I was finding that some families were never offered this type of service or didn't know about it.

Many of you also know about the loss of my cousins son Benjamin in May 2019. Stemmed from an idea I had, and the love for Benjamin, that idea grew. I wanted an actual entity to share the love of Benjamin through remembrance photography. With approval from Benjamin's mother and her honest imput together we are creating new ideas to give back to families who are grieving.

Loving Benjamin will be a Non-Profit which will provide remembrance photography, local resources for families, and little mementos to carry throughout ones journey at no charge. The organization will utilize professional photographers who are local to the communities they serve in. Our photographers will arrive equipped to humbly use their talents to provide you professional quality images. They will be trained to gently guide you in making memories with your loved one. It may be reading a book, or giving a bath, rocking baby, skin to skin. Often tragic times like this we just don't know what is right or appropriate. I'm hear to tell you, that is your baby, your heart, your soul and you make all the memories you can while you can. Not everybody is comfortable in these situations, and that is ok too. Our professional photographers will be committed to getting those precious memories back to you within 48 hours through a digital gallery.

Although I don't love that a service like this is available. I do love that there are compassionate people who want to show you that you are not alone, and that your baby matters.

Please reach out if you or a loved one is in need of services.

I would love to grow our compassion by inviting you to our Facebook group which can be found here. Please continue to love on those who have experienced this type of loss.


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