Loving Benjamin Remembrance Photography

On May 2, 2019 Benjamin Lee Bernard was born sleeping.  His parents had found out the night his momma's waters broke that Benjamin peacefully went to be with Jesus.  As a birth and bereavement photographer I know the importance of making every moment count with your baby.  Benjamin's story has touched many families who deal daily with the grief of losing a child.  

Though I wish there wasn't a need for such photography, I know the impact of having such moments documented helps a grieving family.  These images will be treasured. 

Loving Benjamin will serve any family at any gestation in pregnancy if you wish.  Free of charge.

Through Loving Benjamin we aim to serve all families in a loving manner.  Our professional photographers will be local to the hospitals and birth centers in our communities. Home birth services can be arranged if you wish. We believe that community is so important and that sharing your children's stories make up these amazing caring communities.  Your privacy and wishes will remain private. 

Our specialized services will come from the heart of caring photographers who will come equipped to make special memories with your baby. 

Please reach out today if you or someone you love is experiencing loss or has a fatal diagnosis.  We care and want to wrap you in love. 

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