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It's in the air......Spring!

Ok.....We are just a little over a month away from SPRING!!! Yay....oh well we do live in Indiana, so that means nothing. Other than I'm actually booking well into FALL! Yes, you heard that right. I have October sessions in the books, and September births are starting to book!! That means Summer is gonna get pretty full pretty fast. Here is the thing about booking early. You get pick of the weekend if you are needing a weekend! This year, I am only booking one or two sessions per weekend! This job of mine which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, keeps me hopping. And with ALL the on call hours, I need to add some family time in there! Sounds fair right!? I think so. :)

So, here is what I need you to do, because keeping up with booking, accounting, editing, trainings and pulling the strings together for Loving Benjamin, I anticipate on being extremely busy once again this Spring! I need you to plan your session or book your birth NOW!!

This will avoid time spent searching for a date that fits both our schedules. And it makes time for those dreaded rain dates. :(

There are some beautiful parks that will bloom out in full flowers soon, and I don't want to miss those dates this year!

There are a few destination weekends I will be planning for this summer as well. Big big lakes....beach walks...sound amaze....YES!!

If you are interested in summer beach sessions, I'll need to get those booked NOW so that I can get all the details down!

That's my whats new around here for today!! Can't wait to see you all in 2020!!


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