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Rainbow Baby Day

Rainbow baby day, such a special day for families to express their experiences, reflect, grieve and share their joy of having a rainbow baby. Most of you know the term "Rainbow Baby" A baby born after a miscarriage, still born or infant death. The rainbow after the storm.

In my line of work, mainly birth photography I sometimes am one of the first persons to be told a family is expecting. I take great pride in that honor of being considered as close as family! Many times I am also one of the first to share the heartbreaking news of loss.

Losing a baby is probably one of the hardest moments in ones life that they will ever go through. Grieve is an ugly emotion that can rob of joy if we let it. It's dark and sometimes you see no way out. Keep hanging in there, reach out, you are not alone.

Sometimes rainbow babies become angel babies. It's sad and it's true. Many women will have several miscarriages and losses. I think that's why the term Rainbow Baby has so much joy and color.

Rainbow babies will never take the place of a loved one that is not in your arms. Rainbow babies will help in the healing processes.

Often I have been asked to document a rainbow babies arrival. There is just something about that moment they arrive.

There is a sense of coming full circle when I have met a family through the loss of their child and then surrounding them in the joy with the arrival of a rainbow baby.

Today we celebrate our rainbow babies.

Rainbow baby
Rainbow baby

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