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Gift of memories

Oh gosh, I don't blog much. I never really know what to say. But put me in front of a person and I just wont stop talking. I did wanna hop on here and let you know that I know have a registry for birth stories!! Families that are expecting who desire birth photography now have a way to be able to add it to a gift registry! That means, besties....skip those extra few cute outfits and help your girl out by giving her a gift of memories! That means grandparents who know they are going to spoil them babies can have their reactions to becoming a grandparent captured forever! That means partners you can hold your loves hand and not the camera. And lets face it, you are gonna love those photos just as much as your partner does.

mother with son

The biggest most common reply when someone requests information on birth photography is that they "Can't afford it." I think if someone makes birth photography a priority, then yes it's very affordable. I always offer payment plans and now with the new registry your friends and family can help out as well!

Having a child is the one thing in your life that you can not redo. You will never be in those exact same moments with that child again. There's something that's pretty amazing about capturing once in a life time events!

Go ahead, ask me how you can get your free birth registry so that you can cherish those moments forever!

mother with newborn daughter

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