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Dear Dads - Hire the photographer

Of course it's been a minute since I have sat down and wrote a blog. I'm terrible at it, and I always second guess if I'm doing it correctly. But I'm gonna do it anyway. The other day, my daughter reminded me that next month is Valentines day and in her giggle voice said she's gonna make dad take her on a date to get me some chocolate. "Oh great I thought." (I still haven't eaten my chocolate from my birthday from two months ago.) I quickly said, well Daddy will need to take you and you can think about what mom REALLY wants for Valentines day. What I wanted to tell her is, mommy doesn't want chocolate or candy, mommy wants moments and memories that she can treasure. Moments I can look back on and say oh gosh, remember when.....and pull out our box of memories and talk about that special day. So lets get real. What does she REALLY WANT??

Dear dads- hire the photographer Alright gentlemen take a look at your phone what is the last truly amazing candid photo of your lady love mothering her children? (ok go ahead and laugh at the few you did snap of her mouth hanging open zonked out on the couch while your children climb all over her or are passed out on top, or the one of her where she looks like the swamp thing)

The thing is you know she has asked you to try to take more pictures of her with the kids, she has likely sent you articles. Yes we know you don’t think of it, but when we have to ask, well it isn’t candid and then our kids sport their lovely “CHEEEESE” faces that while fun aren’t all we want to remember when we are old and gray.

Now think, she has likely shown you or posted or sent you photos of you being super dad, playing on the floor with the kids, sleeping with a baby on your chest.

She remembers for you, yes she has probably 100x more pictures then you do on you phone and saving the memories does seem to somehow always land on the mothers to do list rather then the guys but that is exactly why I’m saying--- dads, HIRE THE PHOTOGRAPHER.

One who does more then the staged group shots, one that specializes in catching the interaction between her and her kids. The laughs, a story time, those special mommy kisses… all of it.

You know you aren’t going to get them captured (be real you haven’t yet). Mamma deserves to be in the pictures too (and not just the selfies she has settled for in the past). So for valentines day, skip the jewelry for a few years (she probably doesn’t have a place to wear it anyways), get her a photo package.

Tell her she is doing and amazing job reaching milestones that are made when she is nourishing your child and putting her entire self on hold because that's just what mothers do....Hire the photographer.

Birthdays- you bet she would love some updated pictures. Ok you forgot the birthday. :/ Oops!

- Mothers day is a great time for a mommy and me photo shoot.

Anniversary- why not a couples shoot? You get the idea! We crave to save these special years with our children, what better way then by HIRING A PHOTOGRAPHER!

Trust me when I say.....they will talk about it for years to come!

And once again, you will be the hero! <3

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