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She is mine

I watch her when she sleeps sometimes. The thought that I created such a beautiful soul astounds me. Sometimes I get to busy, caught up in life to actually live. When she sleeps, it slows me down. I have a billion and one things I need to be doing, could be doing and yet all I want to do is sit and watch her sleep. She grows to quickly. I blink and she has a new freckle. I work too many hours and she needs another hair cut. I wanna remember her eyelashes dark on the ends with strips of blonde near her eyelids. I wanna remember her toes, that she only will allow to be painted when we have a "Mommy Day" and "get a pedicure because it's special to her". I wanna remember her little lips and how when she was even just a baby she had the tiniest little top lip. I wanna remember her little nose that points ever so sweetly north. I wanna remember all her little freckles and scratches that leave the reminders that she was brave and strong. I wanna remember her little hands and "Skinny on the ends" fingers and the dirt under her fingernails because she is fearless, and loves life to the fullest. I wanna remember, because she is mine.

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