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When nothing else matters

I'll start with this, honestly.....nothing else matters when your a woman in labor than your support team. (A side from the healthy pregnancy and birth) But honestly, how many times have you caught yourself day dreaming about how your partner will wisp away that stray hair from your brow while you're going through contractions. Hold your hand while you bring your baby earth side. Or apply counter pressure when you are having back labor? How many times have you thought you didn't think you could and then you did! How many times have you envisioned your mother standing near waiting to hear the first cries of your new baby? Your support team is there to support you.

Do you dream of snapping cell phone shots and selfies of you in labor or you meeting your child for the first time. Will you remember her first cries? Will you remember anything other than an emotional cloud of hormones that vaguely resembles one of the most amazing dreams?

Some women remember everything, or say it doesn't matter, or they don't want to see themselves in labor. Do you know just how strong you are to your partner when they see you in labor? When you look at your partner for the first time after you have your baby you will fall in love over and over again.

Birth photography isn't always for everybody, this is true. But when you know that these moments are fleeting and you desire those moments frozen in time....know that I am there, part of your support team. Part of your dreams, your moments in time captured forever.

Music Credit Bendsound A new beginning.

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