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The EVERYTHING Experience

So.....I have been pondering this for quite some time. I have been asked several times, by several people if I offer mentoring. I'd always give advice, but never fully believe in myself that I was making it as a self employed photographer. Until my recent (first ever) photography conference. The Reset Conference! Go Rebekah Albaugh and Kellie Warren Pen for putting an amazing event together. (Get that free marketing in everyday!) But seriously.....LOVED it!!!! #reset2017 #resetconference

You see, I didn't really believe in myself because I don't officially hold a degree in photography or business for that fact.

What I hold is compassion, dreams, talent and the upper right hand of God who walks me through every step of this wonderful journey I am on.

This past weekend, I walked away with the knowledge that I AM doing what I am supposed to be doing. I AM making a difference. I AM telling my story. And I DO have a huge heart for others. And that I CAN give more of me!

This past weekend, I was encouraged, uplifted and completely united with other fellow photographers whom inspired me to go for my dreams. I finally had a slogan per-say of how I and others often feel in this "Over-saturated" industry. And that is "Community over competition."

That is EXACTLY how our little community here in Auburn IN, works. In a square block I know 5 other photographers who would have each others back in a heart beat. Bending and twisting in way that are out of our normal just to make things work for EACH-OTHER!

This weekend, I made up my mind. I DO have a talent and gift for others. I AM passionate about telling my story and sharing my life. I often DO open up to others and make myself vulnerable to my people. Why? Because I believe in community. I believe in myself. And I BELIEVE in YOU!!

So today, I open myself up to be vulnerable to YOU! TO help you grow, learn and build the confidence you need to succeed as a photographer.

Today I offer The EVERYTHING experience. 1:1 mentoring at your pace. Come have coffee, sit and relax in my studio and tell me.....What are your dreams as a photographer! Pricing dependent of length of mentoring desired.

Hit that "contact me" tab and lets chat!

The EVERYTHING Experience

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