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Taking time to be

She curled up next to me and said "Mom,the warm store is open!" She likes when I rub her tummy at night so she can fall asleep. But if my hands are cold she says the warm store is closed. It was morning, and so I was warm and toasty. I tickle her tummy, the alarm had already seen snooze twice this morning. "Come on sis, we gotta get up." I said. "Mommy, I love you so much can we just stay here and snuggle longer, I just love you so much." Talk about pulling at the heart strings. This girl has me wrapped around her little pinky. So, fast forward four hours, two cartoons, lots of snuggles and breakfast and here I am sitting at the kitchen table watching how beautiful my daughter is while she talks to her "Stister" and paints a picture. I don't sit and watch the simple things much anymore, I don't take time to just be. I'm busy with life, work and worrying constantly how I can please everybody else. Today.....I shall please US! RAW,full of life and overflowing with love.

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