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Monday Matters

Ooops, I may have missed a few Mondays. I do tend to be a little over the limit with work and a spunky 3 year old.

I am SO SO SO ready to get outside and start this Spring with a bang! I have been booking some regular Spring sessions, along with a lot of new birth stories!

I wanted to take a min to let you all know that I will be phasing out weddings this year. August is my last wedding for 2016. I will be referring them out from here on out. I want to really focus on the birth photography, newborns, children, families and seniors. I feel it’s pretty important to have that niche in photography. My heart is so full when I am able to document a birth. It is MY passion, and love.

As always, you are more than welcome to ask about a referral. I have several photographer friends that are more experienced with weddings, and have great vision when it comes to creating magic behind the lens.

Now, back to my work I go! I have a birth story to make! J Happy Monday everybody!

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