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Monday Matters

So it's Monday again. Yay right? Actually yes. I love Mondays! Mondays are a fresh beginning to a new work week! (Even though I work 7 days a week anyway) Still Monday's are one of my best days! Why? Well because it's usually my first good focus day for business matters. Speaking of business matters, who dislikes tax season? ME ME ME!!!! WOW.....I never thought that I would ever be owning my own business let alone trying to figure out accounting and taxes, keeping track of so much only to realize you aren’t making as much as you thought you were. Guess that doesn’t matter when you love your job and trust in God. Just doesn’t add up sometimes.

Which brings me to another topic. Why are my prices what they are? Many people think that photographers charge an arm and leg for their sessions.(Believe me, we (photographers) see it all the time) Someone posting "Looking for a cheap photographer!" "Looking for a photographer who doesn't charge and arm and leg!" “That’s a crazy amount” My thought to that..... and please don't be offended if you have said it in the past is simply this.

You get what you pay for. Yup...I said it. "Cheap" Is cheap. And arm and leg is your photographer’s right pinky finger when it comes to what a photographer is actually going to take away from that session on a financial benefit. Yup! If they are a professional, they are acting and behaving like a professional. That means a TON of stuff goes into their business being professional.

From taxes, to liability insurance, advertising, props, online subscriptions to be able to house those images, website, studio rent, did I mention the props? We don't simply go out and purchase a camera and lenses worth thousands of dollars because we can. Most of us have to save that money and work hard to upgrade. Why? Because we are constantly striving to become better in our profession. We are not just momtographers. We are business owners. We want the best for our clients.

Believe me when I say, you are not JUST our clients. Most of us photographers start out with that first session and we end up forming a relationship/friendship with you. We actually lay awake thinking of your next session and how we can improve and make it the best for you! We want to preserve those memories for you!

So when you break it down, that $175 per child session is not only that hour (or more) of bonding, photographing, and making memories. It's the time it takes to create, imagine, and dream up those shots. It's the talent of the photographer to improve and learn about you and your loved one. It's the preparing of the location or studio, searching for perfect props and clothing. The driving around to find new locations. The backdrops, the studio rent, the liability insurance to make sure you are covered in case of an accident. The forms, websites, accountants, the 5 extra hours spend editing, only to go above and beyond our quoted image release because we know you see all those same faces on a daily basis. The answering dozens of questions and emails about ideas, and thoughts on the sessions. Why? Because we love our jobs! What we take out of that session cost is minimal compared to what we put into each session, each occasion or event. I live, breath and eat photography. Not to sound cliché or anything, but it's true.

So, on that whole big thought, please remember, this is how I make a living, how I survive, thrive and provide for my daughter and I. I love my job. I hope that you LOVE it too!

Happy Monday!

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