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Living Intentional for the Good of Others

Yay, It's only February 1st and I'm making my first blog post!! This is something that I really would like to do more often. Blogging creates many avenues to relate, connect, be educated and form communities of people who are like hearted.

One thing I know for sure this year is that I am planning on doing more than just the day to day normal I'm not going to stand by and be average. I want to inspire, to give, to learn and love more. I already have a few plans in the works and can not wait to unveil them!!

I want to live with intention. Not just have idea's and leave them at that only to look back in a year and think why didn't I? Why is it so hard to follow through sometimes? Our intentions are good. But getting there is hard. Maybe we fear that we will be judged for the way we approach an idea. Maybe we dread learning new things and the work that will actually go into finalizing that plan. Maybe we don't believe in ourselves enough. Maybe you feel like the plan will be socially unacceptable. Or maybe financially it just seems impossible. What do we do when all these whatif's are standing in our way?

Well, first......Nobody can judge my actions and heart accept the one true Almighty! So that's out of the way. I'm moving on cuz the big guy in the sky gave me this idea and formed it in my heart well before I ever knew it to be. So He's got me!

On to the dreading part. Work is hard that's why it's called work. The effort we put into something shows us just how much interest and desire we have to achieve that goal. Learning and curve balls will be thrown your way. Knock them out of the park with INTENTION! And don't be afraid to feel uncomfortable to get the work done!

Believing in ourselves is hard....DANG HARD!! But, we have to give ourselves grace. It will be hard, there will be ups and downs, but I tell ya....You are far more than you ever really think you are to someone! To someone you are everything! To someone you can do anything! To someone you are their inspiration. So take those someones and put them in your back pocket and start believing in yourself!

Lets talk about acceptance for a second. Acceptance is an action. An action word. The people who choose to accept your idea and support your goals are physically taking an action in doing so. Those who don't....well should we really care since (My idea for instance) is to serve others with my talents. Can you argue that helping others is a bad idea?? Nope.

Another dreaded thought.....finances, how, where, when, who, those are the many trenches that have been running through my head for a while now. Where am I going to find extra money to support this idea? When will that opportunity come and the money is there? Who is really going to help? Will people help me? And then it hit me. It's gotta be me. I need to raise the funds to support my mission. I need to put a call out for help make these funds come in NOW!

All I really need to do is to work harder! Work smarter! I've put out a call for help and used my talents to make something meaningful happen in the past. Such as the sponsorship for the Walk to Remember in October. In just 2 extra sessions, I raised the money to sponsor!! And that money went straight to the hospital of my choice to help with bereavement services. So,now here I am....because obviously posting discounted sessions on Facebook really isn't working because of the crazy algorithms and whatnot anymore. I needed to get the word out!! So here I am. Blogging! Something that is already hard for me to do!! Something that is also hard for me to do is to ask for help!! I need your help!! And that I have gotten this far I might as well finish right?

So here is how you can help and benefit from doing so! I need at least 5 sessions to book your sessions now!! And I'm willing to do that at a discount to get the funds to cover the cost of filing a 501c3 and material to get the word out. Plus all the cost involved with purchasing domains, training material and more. I am also raising funds to sponsor a table for a new birth center in the area and all the proceeds go to the birth center! If you are reading this blog you know my heart. You know what touches my soul and that is birth work and serving others in times of need.

If you want to help bring this goal of creating a non-profit company that is so desperately needed then please say you will book a discounted session with me right now!! (Why do I feel like those commercials about the SPCA right now) But really, $125.00 off of your session is a steal and will be helping a greater cause!

And I'm willing to work for it!! Message me now and lets get this mission of love in the works!!


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