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Ever changing beauty

So I guess I missed my Monday blog post. Why?? Well because I was out shooting a gorgeous momma to be is why! I get so addicted to editing my images, that I totally forgot about it. So, today after my second gorgeous momma to be session, I decided to sit down and tell you why my style has been ever so slightly changing with my maternity sessions.

You see, several years ago I fell in love with light. The way it bends and shapes around my subjects provokes a sense of calmness in my soul. Naturally I have always been in love with pregnancy and the whole birth process. I think there is nothing more beautiful that a woman being so wonderfully full of life! How amazing is it that God has entrusted our earthly bodies with carrying another human being! And I get to witness to the miraculous occasion of life being born earth side! (Crazy amazing right!)

So what all that being understood, (I hope) I have changed up my style of maternity sessions a little for those women who do want to be captured in a natural artistic way. This does not mean I won’t capture a maternity session how my client envisions it or prefers. This just means that you may be seeing more of the natural approach to my work.

I'm taking a step out of my comfort zone to show women that they are beautiful! That their stretch marks are exquisite. That God created them into a superb woman! There is something empowering about seeing yourself the way your spouse sees you. The way God sees you. The way some women wish they could be you.

The world has sexualized women long enough. We need to realize that when a woman feels sexualized there is destruction imposed on her soul. She no longer feels unique and individual on the outside.

It is my goal to make every client that comes to me feel empowered and wonderful about who she is inside and out! I will take care to understand your needs and desires as an expecting mother!

Happy Thursday!

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