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Walk to Remember

October is right around the corner. This month there is dedicated to remembering our babies who live in Heaven. A Walk to Remember is a free family event to bring This year I am planning on walking in honor of Benjamin Lee, and Lillian Nichole whom I met earlier this year. Benjamin Lee is the son of Phylicia Bernard and Josh. And Lillian Nicole is the daughter of Allison Lehman and Brad. What makes their story a special is that both mommies work at the same hospital and they were both born in the month of May. It's sad that tragedy would bring two strangers together. However I thank the Lord that through my service for both families they were able to connect and form a unique friendship.

The Lord holds those hurting close to Him. Through him we can have joy. If you would like to support Benjamin Lee and Lillian Nichole by walking in the Walk to Remember in Fort Wayne there have been special T-shirts created to honor them both! You can find the information to order yours with FREE SHIPPING at The Rabbit Hole CC and D on Etsy. There is a special order titled Walk to remember 2019. Thank you all for the support for two very precious lives.

You may register to walk if you would like here.

T-shirts may be ordered even if you do not plan on walking.

Mother and father holding son.

Benjamin Lee

May 2, 2019

Mother holding daughter.

Lillian Nicole

May 31, 2019

June 4, 2019

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