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I got MARRIED!!!

So.....once upon a time when I was very little I dreamed of being married. All I ever wanted to do was grow up, get married and have babies!

Well I did grow up, and I did have a baby. But I still hadn't found my prince charming. That was until one of my clients introduced me to her brother in law!

A year later, and we are planning a wedding!

July 4th, We set our date! People ask why July 4th. My reply.....Well he thought it would be funny to lose his independence on Independence Day. Ha...Jokes on you mister. You just set our date! (true story)

So, with my big fairy tale dreams I set off to plan the wedding I had always envisioned. And guess what? IT HAPPENED!!!

My morning started out perfect with love from my besties, coffee from the one and only Jeremiah's. My hair was perfectly styled by Jamie Byler and Laura Bland from Blush and Beauty made sure I was glamorous!

Being a photographer myself I had visions of this day. All the light, all the colors, all the talent. Deciding on a photographer was a no brainer.

There was only one photographer that I knew my heart would settle on and that was Mackenzie Bates of Waverly Lane Photography!

Check out more of her amazing work here.

We were ready, we had arrived at our sweet little church. Yes, literally our church was called Sweet Church. It's nestled in Noble County where I have been part of a few amazing weddings and dreamed of no other place to be blissfully wed.

And yes that sweet man of mine proposed right there in front all our friends and family. He asked my sweet Vivian if she would be his daughter! That sweet echoey church filled with whoops and hollers and broke out into the biggest most tear filled applause you have ever heard. (Or at least that's what my heart was hearing) Oh...PS....this is the first time I lost my false eyelashes. ;)

Word to the wise, when the confetti says it's water soluble make sure! That dang confetti we had to come back and spend 2 hours cleaning up out of the rocks! It was a NIGHTMARE!!! But so worth if from the photos I've seen!

After the ceremony like most couples do, we dragged our wedding party out to have just a few photos and I mean A FEW!! It was so flipping hot I was sure I was going to melt! Who's going to hang all those photos anyway!

On to the reception!!!! So, hear is where I am patiently waiting to see ALL my hard work come to life! I was in such a blissful state, I hardly remember much of my reception!!

None the less we danced, we ate, we loved and that wonderful husband of mine, danced with his little girl for the first time as her "Real Dad".

And of course.....I bawled like a big baby.......AGAIN.

What a blessing to have so many close friends and family there to help celebrate this new life together.

And you guessed it... We finished out our night with fireworks!!! We had to was the forth of July!

And now I will sit here and wait on the rest of my image and video to come! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man!!!

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