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Simple Newborn

I hear so often "We can't because it costs too much" Yes, I know.....there is a lot going on after having a baby. this cost so much, that is too expensive...I've heard it all. some don't even think that having newborn photos is worth the investment. then there are those who want so badly to document this time. that's when simple newborn sessions is the perfect fit for your growing family!

I want everybody to have an option to have beautiful timeless newborn images.

So I have created a new package that is affordable and practical and down right relaxing to watch!

Simple Newborn Mini

With this package I assure you, your babe will we warm, comfy and happy the entire time. No need to make sure baby is asleep, as I will wrap him/her in soft cozy wraps. Yes, there are other color options, headbands, hats and stuffies. (I just prefer the simple clean look for Miss Wesley.)

What comes with a simple newborn mini??

One hour of relaxing on your part...... while I ooh and ahh, love, snuggle and tenderly capture all those beautiful features of your sweet newborn. Dress in layers... my studio is very warm. Nature light is used to capture simple newborn mini's. problem, i have a stocked fridge full of cold water!

You will be able to select 10 of your favorite images from a digital gallery. That's right. You choose! Additional images are available for purchase if you just have to have them all!!

printing rights. You will have unlimited printing rights for your sweet images. Send that gallery to nana where she can print right from her phone!!

Memories. Sweet memories of just how little they once were.

Your gallery will be full of meaningful images that capture your little ones fresh features.

Editing will be minimal as to remember and preserve those lovely little pealies!

All galleries will have a photo with mom and or dad if you wish. No need to get a new outfit. Come clean, and fresh. and in plain white, ivory, black or gray top, sweater, or borrow a cami from my mommy wardrobe.

in your hour please don't feel rushed, if baby needs to nurse then feel free, after all my goal is simple, fresh, happy baby, and happy mommy. Besides, you know you take selfies of you breastfeeding. And you should!!! You are a goddess and you are nourishing another human! and that right there deserves a photo!

I will capture all the fine details, and the moments. I just want you to sit back and take it easy. Feel free to doze off in the chase lounger!

Can family join? Of course!! Up to one sibling can join in for a new family photo. I can't promise it will all be perfection. But I can assure that you will LOVE your new family photo!

then again....

sometimes magic happens and your toddler will join in.

what does this all cost??? I know you want to know "How much is she gonna charge us?"

well...I'm practically giving away these simple newborn minis.......just because i love them so much!

So...your total investment for your simple newborn mini is just $250.00 (Now breathe) it's not bad is it?

spread the word....let your friends, your neighbors know...your parents, grandparents, your friends who are throwing your baby shower....let them know.....I CAN HAVE NEWBORN PHOTOS!!!

Remember......You are you, I am I, be in the moment, be in the now, I'll capture the rest.

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