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Beyond beautiful, Senior Ashlee Allen

Every time I schedule a new high school senior, I'm taken back to my senior year. Oh the fun, the carefree feeling. The parties and the shenanigans I pulled. Yes, I was a good girl, but I wasn't a stranger to mischief. How exciting to be in your senior year year! Birth, Babies and Seniors.....That should be my new motto!

Each senior session starts off with a meet and greet and discussion of wardrobe, settings, locations and hair and makeup consult if chosen. My goal with each senior is to bring out their personality, their passions, and to create a memorable time with each session. I had three different sessions wish Ashlee so far this year. I can't wait for Winter and Spring!!

"I loved working with Michelle, she was so much fun & very flexible with our shoots. My senior pictures turned out great & I would definitely recommend her!" Ashlee

Be sure to check back for more seniors!!

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