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The Birth of Oakley James

June 3rd was a super busy day, I was photographing my final wedding as a photographer. I had decided the year before that I desired birth photography more. I told this beautiful momma I was contracted until 9:30pm. I had packed my bags, and headed home for the evening. That is when I got the notification that momma was in labor, they were staying at the hospital.

Bethany was so calm, and her husband Mike worked together to stay focused.

The connection they had together was beyond amazing. Mike always reassuring that she was doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing. That "your body was made for this" "My body can do this, my body will do this". It still makes me a little teary eyed to see such support. Women are warriors. We are strong, and we can and will birth how we want!

Excellent job on being amazing Bethany!

I can't wait to watch your family grow!

Bethany says it best, when she wrote this about her story.

"If you are on the fence about doing a birth story, let me tell you right now that you should definitely do it!! Hands down it was so worth it!

We were hesitant about it initially but decided to go for it. Then after seeing all of the amazing moments Michelle captured, we are so incredibly glad we had her there! I cannot thank her enough for capturing such sweet memories for our family, some of which we had already forgotten just a few weeks later! This is just a snippet, we received our full birth story today and we are so in love"

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