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Praying for Keller

I wanted to create a blog post to share some news from a fellow photographer who recently gave birth to her 3rd son Keller. Keller was born full and a very healthy weight on February 25, 2017 in Bryan Ohio hospital. It was found soon after Keller's birth that there were some rare congenital defects in his digestive system. Keller was then transferred to Parkview Regional Medical center for two emergency surgeries. There he developed some complications and was life-flighted to Rileys Children's Hospital. Kylie Garnder has currently move her and her two other children down to Indianapolis where they will live while Keller is healing and continuing to have further surgeries for the next 6-12 months. Cody her travels to Indy on the weekends after working all week. Please be praying for the Gardner's as they try to balance milestone in their family.

Kylie is the owner and operator of The Dreaming Tree Photography Studio and Art Boutique. She is currently looking for some temporary add on clients in the Indy area that so she can help with income and be with her children while Keller is at Riley. You can find her work at

And on Facebook at

I am also going to share a Youcaring link to if you are able to help monetarily in anyway. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to share the link

photo credit Cody Garnder

Photo Credit Cody Gardner

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