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Something Healing In The Water

Just shy of one month ago I attended the birth of a little one that was a rainbow baby. In case you didn't know, a rainbow baby is a term for a baby born after the loss of a baby. This particular family, was the first family I ever gave a remembrance session to. I cried with them when they lost their sweet baby boy that day. And I cried with them when this wonderfully strong momma brought their daughter into the world.

I know there's something healing when you bring another child into this world. Not that you will ever forget or love less when you have another child. If anything, it is bitter sweet.

This momma wanted to feel every ounce of pain from her labor. Her sweet boy was delivered by emergency cesarean. Fleeting moments all in a fog. Her little man born early, with Trisomy 18. The next few weeks a blur of constant tubes, monitors, doctors, prayers, family members visiting, and just a few sweet moment in his momma's arms.

I arrived just an hour before to take some last minute photos of their sweet child. As tears ran down my cheeks I was comforted that this little boy was going home to be with Jesus. And I took comfort in knowing their family was strong in their faith.

To my surprise, this momma and I became friends on social media. I think for me it's a way to say, hey I'm still here, thinking and praying for your family. For me, I grieve these types of sessions too.

A year passed and I got a message from the mother saying that they were expecting and she wanted me to be one of the first people who knew that they were expecting again! Instantly I was filled with joy and tears streamed down my face. Months later another message, that they are having a girl!! And she is perfect with no medical issues! Again.....the tears streamed down my face.

I anticipated this little ones birth in a way that filled my heart with joy not only for the parents, but because to be there and witness a full circle complete for this family was healing for me as well.

There is nothing sweeter than seeing a grandfather pray over his grand-daughter and exactly 5 minutes later little Jordyn was there in her mommies arms.

The rain always comes before the rainbow. But the rainbow is so healing.

Welcome Sweet baby Jordyn.

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