Why Birth Photography?

Why is birth photography suddenly becoming popular?


Well I can tell you why I was ready to jump in when I did.


My past experience as a nursing assistant with a birthing center captured my heart a long time ago. Babies and children have always been my first love. Photography a near first.


When I had my daughter I had exactly one family member in the room with me.  My mom. She was a great support emotionally, but you know what she wasn't? A photographer. I have a total of 6 photos of my daughter after she was born. And half of them are blurry.  I was exhausted, over emotional, and after 21 hours of labor, I was not with it to say the least.  I only have bits and pieces of the one time that I met my daughter for the first time!  That's why I jumped in.  


Your support team is there to support you. Not emotionally pull themselves away to take photos of the insanely intense emotional moment your child is born! 

Want to know more?  Lets meet up!  I would be honored to be on your team!